Wednesday, October 14, 2009

{Halloween Treats}

Last night I attempted making these Halloween Treats. Today in school for our art project we will be making them. (Am I crazy to do this with 23, 3rd graders?) They were really simple, and fun. Just make sure you don't eat the eyes. --You could use brown frosting, but I already had the googly eyes.

Ghost family of 3- That I gave to our friends that we had dinner with last night.

Ghost of 1- Trial of what the class would be making today. (The white frosting wasn't quite dry... sorry for the dripping.)

Bob eating the final product- "Wait, don't eat the eyes!"
Nutter Butter-Ghost Body
Melted White Chocolate- Ghost covering
Googly Eyes/Frosting- Eyes
Graham Crackers- Base
Chocolate Frosting- Cover base and hold down decorations/ghost
Candy Corn and Pumpkins for Decorations


Emily Jones said...

So cute and fun! I bet your students are going to love it. I miss teaching and doing fun stuff like that. You're a great teacher!

perdue family said...

How adorable! I hope you take pictures of your kids with frosting everywhere. That is a sweet activity. Cute idea Alyse.

Anderson Family said...

You'll have to tell us how it turns out. I also think think your a fun teacher and I bet your kids think so too!

Andi said...

Those are so cute. Love them and bet the kids did too, although Bob probably loved them the most.

MyKidsMom said...

So cute! Wish my kids could have you as their teacher :) I might have to try that craft at home.