Saturday, October 3, 2009

The only thing I beat him at

Last night we went to Bob's mission reunion and met up with Bob's companion Casey and his wife Katelynn. After stuffing ourselves with delicious food and talking with old friends (Bob, not me) we went bowling. This is only the second time we have gone bowling. We went over Christmas break last year where I won 6/7 games in a two day period. I was a little nervous, but in the end I pulled through with 2 BIG wins. -- I am allowed to brag about this because Bob beats me in everything else we do. So at least I have Bowling!

Bob showing off his skills. He did a good job and had me quite nervous!
Us together at the bowling alley.

My score of the 2nd game- 167! This is my best score ever! It made me so happy! (Sorry about the horrible picture. I need a new camera and I am hoping for a new one for Christmas or my birthday. hint hint.)

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