Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Traditions

Our Temple-Pizza Wednesday night is no more. This Sunday Bob was called to be in the Young Mens Presidency as the 1st counselor. (He is in charge of 1 teacher, we only have 5 young men in our ward.) And their mutual night is on Wednesdays. We knew it would be too intense to try and go to the temple right after school and get home 5 minutes before mutual started. So we changed our temple day to Tuesday. And there aren't any pizza specials on Tuesday night.

I loved being able to come home from the Temple and swing by Wise Guys getting a couple pizzas. I never stressed about dinner. So now that we go on Tuesdays, we need a new tradition, that doesn't cost too much.

This week we went to In and Out. I am pretty sure I could handle In and Out every Tuesday- but I doubt my body could! Haha.

Don't worry about the huge zit on my forehead, it's taking it's own sweet time leaving. Goal- be zit free in 2011!


Torrie and Cassidy said...

Cassidy and I have taken your advice and gotten Wiseguyz the past two wednesdays. It's not exactly a date night, but it certainly is nice to not have to worry about cooking anything. I'll keep my eyes open for any Tuesday specials...

perdue family said...

YAY for in-n-out! It definitely does a body good.