Monday, September 20, 2010

Ayrika's 1st Date!

My little sister Ayrika turned 16 a couple weeks ago. On her birthday, she was asked to the Homecoming Dance. She got a dress soon after, but then found out another girl in her group had gotten the same one. So she decided to save the one she bought for another dance and wore the dress I had made for my senior prom. (This is my favorite dress, I saw it in a magazine [it was strapless] and had it made.) I wish I had pictures to compare, but I'm not sure where any are at the moment.

My dad kept cracking the same joke, "How many girls does it take to get 1 ready for the dance?" As Emily did her hair, make up, and toenails, my sister Andrea, Mom, and I all hovered over.

A few pictures of the fan club, family, and of course Ayrika.
What a cute couple!!! They looked darling.
My favorite part, a lady in my parents ward made these corsages.... Amazing!!!! She is going to make it into a head band now.


Heidi said...

You and your sisters all look so much alike! That's great that she fit in your dress - I love sharing clothes with my sisters!

Matt and Melissa said...

What a pretty dress. Your sister looks so cute! How fun that you and your sisters were all there for her first date!

perdue family said...

YAY!!! Ayrika is 16!?? How fun are dances! I miss our EFY dances. That dress is adorable.