Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Today I am eating lunch in the classroom with a student. This is not a reward. He has been coming in late every part of the day that you can be late. Mostly, in the mornings before school, he will play on the playground for 10-15 minutes after the bell has rang before coming in. I can't pay him enough viking dollars or give him enough praise to come in on time. So every time he is late, he misses lunch and gets to eat in the principal's office (who is gone today).

Right now he is dipping his potato chips into mustard while I dip my corn dog into ketchup. (The options for today were corn dog or rib sandwich.... it was a toss up.)

He seems pretty content just eating his lunch, so I am not sure if this consequence will actually work.

Last night we had our school carnival. This is our big fundraiser for the year that is put on by the PTA. It was a ton of fun. Last year it rained, so I didn't get to experience it at it's best until this year. The PTA did an awesome job.

Tickets can get you the following:
Face painting, pop walk, (like a cake walk) ring toss, karate instructions, hay rides, fish pond, rockets, and a bunch of other games.

The biggest event is Catch a Trout. They have a pool and kids get 3 minutes to try and grab a trout. It is so fun to watch. Maybe one year I will be brave enough to attempt it, but I don't really like touching fish.

A new event for the year was teacher golf cart rides. Any teacher could sign up for a half hour period where you would drive students around on a small course. There was a big pot hole in the course, so the main attraction was when you went thought it. Students would get 3 or 4 circles around the course for 6 tickets. ($1.50) Here is my friend Karie and her husband. She also teaches 3rd.
Our principal made scones, they were to die for. I ate mine so quickly. A student of mine, her parents have a catering business called, "The Original Bamboo Hut." (Which I believe used to be a restaurant in Provo. It is NOT the same as the Bamboo Hut that is in Provo now. ) They were busy cooking AMAZING food for us at the carnival. All of the prices were very reasonable.

It was so fun to see the families of our school together with faculty after school. What a fun night!

*By the end of this post, he started to get a little bored. It might be working!

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