Thursday, September 16, 2010

Back to School 2010

I am back in school full force, and so are the great comments that I hear each day.

"Did you know that my Dad called in sick to work today? He's not sick, but he called in and he doesn't have to go." Oh really- (Me) "Ya he did it so that he could bring us to school on our first day!" Well aren't you lucky! (me)

I have a bunch of Polynesian students in my class. One day they started doing the Haka at recess. It was fun to have them perform it for me. After a cute little girl who is not Polynesian came up to me and said:
"I love doing the Haka, Did you know I am part Tongan?" (me) So your Tongan? Her "Yes I am, I know the Haka and we sometimes have Luaus in my neighborhood." (me) "Oh, I see."

I've been sick this week. I went to school on Monday, had a sub all day Tuesday, and went back Wednesday. Once I got there, I realized I wouldn't make it all day. The students came in and I was coughing, girl says "Oh Mrs. Barber, you're here today?" Me- "Yes, cough cough" Her- "You should go home, and we can have Mrs. Shurtliff back..... (in a quiet voice) I really miss her." She partly got her wish when I went home at lunch, but with a different sub.

5 Reasons I know School is back in full force:
1. I only (have time to) shave my legs on Sundays
2. My hair is curly everyday
3. My voice and feet are worn out by 3:00
4. I am fighting my first cold of the year
5. Bob and I are back to our 9:00 PM bed time

Not all of my stories are happy and funny, some are gross and some are sad:
- 2 students tried to jump the fence during recess. (One was my student...)
- A 3rd grade boy was punched in the nose by a 6th grade boy at that same recess, lots of crying and lots of blood.
- A girl in my class pulled out one of her teeth and the hole seriously bled through 100 tissues during the last hour of class.
- Lunches being stolen in the lunch room by 4th grade boys.
- Viking dollars were stolen from students while the sub was there. (These are my reward system)
- I spent 15 minutes of my prep time looking for a student who decided he wanted 15 extra minutes of recess.
- Notes were taken that called a student 4 eyes in my class. (Grrr, this makes me so mad especially after lots of lessons on bullying!)


blindblogger said...

I love hearing the stories it makes me miss teaching! Hurray that you are still in Utah and can continue your profession!

Mrs. Dean said...

Oh man, I didn't hear about the fence jumpers! Hope you're feeling all the way better soon :)

Emily Jones said...

Ah, the joys of being a teacher. I really do miss it so enjoy it while it lasts! Except the bullying and being sick parts... you don't have to enjoy that.