Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Soup Season

Today I wore this dress to school. You may have seen it before. Love it. It's super comfortable and is still professional looking for school. I was at school for maybe an hour when the elastic at the top of the dress broke. It made for an interesting day.

Tonight I made this soup. Last year at our ward's Halloween party we had a chili cook off. Someone (I really need to find out who) made this white chicken chili. It seriously was the best thing ever. Then last week when I was under the weather, my neighbor Whitney brought me some Chicken Tortilla soup from Zupas. It was also amazing. I decided I wanted a chicken type soup and found the recipe. The secret to making the soup is to put cubed avocado in the bottom of the bowl and if you like some mozzarella cheese. Then pour the soup on top and stir. (This is not my soup... but mine tasted as good as this picture looks.)

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