Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bountiful Baskets

I love lunch every single day. It is so nice to be able to take a break from teaching, and talk with adults. I learn so many things during my lunch break. People bring leftovers which sparks conversations about new meals. I also recieved a recipe for amazing granola along with a sample this week. The women (and men) that I work with are amazing.

One day somehow we came upon the topic of Bountiful Baskets. And after that I knew I wanted to try it. With cooking more, and trying to eat more healthy I have noticed my groceries are not so cheap. Especially right now with trying to eat more produce. The other day I wouldn't buy ingredients for a salad because lettuce was $3 a head, and tomatoes were almost $3 a pound.

Today I went and picked up my first basket. I was so impressed with what I got.  Unfortunately the truck that brings the food was late. I woke up at 6:45, got dressed for the gym and planned on picking up my basket, running 4 miles, and then going to a gym class at 8. The truck got there when I got there so I ended up helping/waiting for almost an hour before we could load up our food and take it home. It wasn't a huge deal, but I hope things go a little more smoothly next time. I had to sacrifice my 4 mile run to get my produce, but I guess it's ok this week.

I ended up with:

Carton of strawberries (2) (I got an extra for helping put baskets together)
Bananas (4)
Apples (4)
Oranges (7)
Mangos (2)
Seedless watermelon
Head of lettuce
Bag of green beans
Green peppers (2)
Zucchini squash (20
Asparagus (2)
Tomatoes (4)

It costs $15 for a basket. If it's your first time you have to pay a $3 fee. So for $18, I have enough produce for me and my sister. I am really excited about this!


Leandra said...

So glad you told me about this. Just registered and set an alarm on my phone.

Emily Jones said...

I'm signing up this week! I've been meaning to do it forever, but you are just the right motivation I need. Thanks!

craigandstacy said...

That's a great deal for the fresh veggies!

Torrie and Cassidy said...

I had just found out about this before we moved, so I never got to try it. What an awesome deal!

Brianne said...

I love Bountiful Baskets! We used to split one with another couple when we lived in Orem and it was a fantastic deal I was hoping you guys would be at the mission reunion this weekend, but you weren't there! Too bad. :)

Alisha Frost said...

We love Bountiful Baskets! The bread and tortillas you can get with them are super good too.