Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Pagent

My Aunt Carrie and Uncle Ed have been telling our family for years how much they enjoy the Easter pageant. We had never been in Mesa when the pageant was being held until this year. We were going to be there 1 night when it was being performed. It was also the night they performed it in Spanish. We went to the Mesa temple grounds and got head sets so we could hear it translated into English. Ayrika's headphones didn't work, but we found a spare. They also were only 1 ear, earphones so you could hear everything in Spanish in 1 ear, and English in the other.

It was a great program and it was neat to see the story of Christ's life only a few weeks before Easter. We were glad that we could finally experience it. My cousin Kellie made a really yummy dessert that we ate while we watched.

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