Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Watermelon & Pennies

Tonight I cooked and I loved having fruits and veggies to pair up with my meal. I cut into my watermelon and it was AMAZING!!!! Maybe it was my imagination because I don't eat sugar too often... but it was tasty.

Then I used my green beans and made this recipe.

And for our main dish tonight I made Chicken Gyros. I also used her recipe to make the soft wrap bread. It was really good, and I felt like it was pretty healthy. The sauce you make is made of mainly cucumber and greek yogurt.


School update:

Our school was on channel 5 and 13 news yesterday and today. My friend Shellie teaches 1st grade. During a morning meeting with her class they discussed the disaster in Japan. Some of her students decided they wanted to help somehow. Their class put on a penny war in our school. It was so fun to see all of the students excited for the challenge, and to help Japan. At the end of the day on Thursday we had totaled $750. On Monday we had an assembly where we presented the money to the Red Cross. A cute little 1st grader announced the winner, and then told the school that they had raised $1500. I got teary eyed, I was so impressed with our school. A lot of our students are very poor, and they came together and surpassed the goal of the teachers.
 Principal Allan talking about the pennies and how much our school earned for Japan.
 The Red Cross members accepting the money.
Here is Shellie being interviewed. She is one of the best teachers I know. Her class was so ambitious and willing to serve others, because of her great example!

Here is the article from KSL, and it has a short clip from our assembly.
And here is the write up from the Daily Herald.


Brianne said...

I can't tell you how excited I am to try the Chicken Gyros with the homemade soft wrap bread! I have been wanting to find a soft wrap bread recipe for a little while now and here it is! So excited! thanks for sharing!

Matt and Melissa said...

How awesome that Vineyard raised so much money! I sure love and miss that school. Shellie is an awesome teacher as are you! Hope all is well, its fun to read your blog!

Andrea said...

That was the best Gyro bread ever. We loved that dinner. Lucky to live next door:)