Thursday, June 13, 2013


A few months ago we got a job offer to work for Walgreens in Pendleton, Oregon. We were very happy to have a job and started making preparations for the move. Mostly for myself it was a lot of self talk... having never lived out of Utah County, I knew this was going to be a big change.

The second week of May, we set off to secure housing and check out the town. I was nervous and excited as we made our way into Pendleton. Knowing this would be my future home I got excited about the cute little main street and new places we would soon visit. We started going down the list of apartments we had found on CraigsList and after 30 minutes of being in town, we found ourselves in car wreck. From that point on, I was upset and was ready to leave and go to Bob's parents house. Luckily before we left Pendleton we found an apartment we liked and it was a month to month contract.

We made a few more trips back to Pendleton that week looking at houses with a realtor and falling in love with one. As we were trying to make arrangements for the house, things weren't working in our favor and it just didn't feel right.

We left having paid our first months rent and deposit on our apartment feeling good knowing we had a place to live.

When we got home I started dejunking and packing up things that we didn't use often. Since we found out we were moving I had been bringing boxes home from work. Olivia's room had turned into a storage room full of boxes with a small pathway to her crib.

2 Weeks before  our moving date, my sister Andrea and her husband were moving to their new home. I told them they could use all of our boxes for their move and then we would get them back and use them for ours.

About 10 days before we were to move, Bob found out about a new job opening in Mapleton at a pharmacy that he had worked at during school. We decided that he should interview. During the interview he had to let them know that he was planning on moving the next weekend so we would need to know one way or another early on. All weekend long I was on pins and needles. We were in a half packed house with no food. (We had been trying to empty our cupboards and fridge for the last month so we wouldn't have to move a lot of food.

Bob interviewed on Thursday and the next Tuesday we found out we got the job. I went out and bought a bunch of groceries and started unpacking boxes. We are excited to stay in Utah, but the decision was a bitter sweet. It would have been a lot of fun living close to Bob's family.

Bob has started doing a little training, and has been busy studying for his boards. We are still waiting on his test dates, and hope that they are soon. If you live near Mapleton, send your prescriptions over to Maple Mountain Pharmacy and come see Bob.


Alisha Frost said...

So exciting! Life is funny sometimes. Glad you'll be around. Olivia is super cute and getting so big!

Tiff said...

I can't believe how that worked out! Crazy how quickly things can change. So exciting!