Friday, June 14, 2013

7 Months

Our last month has been super busy and a lot of fun.

- This month you finally graduated from size 2 and moved up to size 3 diapers.
- You also wear mostly 6 - 9 month clothes. Some of your 6 month pants/shorts have elastics that are a little tight on your chunky thighs. But your 9 month pajamas are still too big!
- You have lots of swimming suits and wear one almost everyday. You are turning into a water baby.
- Bath time has gotten a lot more fun for you and you have started crying when I take you out.
- You have been choking down your vegetables, you are not a huge fan. You have had corn, squash, carrots, green beans, and your favorite sweet potatoes.
- Ayrika let you try some watermelon, which you loved sucking on.
- You love playing with clean laundry when Mom is folding it on the bed, and sometimes you put the clothes on.
- Your little fingers are getting so good at grabbing things, especially your binky. If you see it somewhere close, you grab it and put it in your mouth.
- The mirror on your swing makes you giggle. You love to lay there and look at yourself. You have to be strapped in now because you are getting big and turn from side to side to see what is going on.
- You are really good at sitting up and the only time you fall is when you reach too far forward, and usually are happy to get into that position.
- Mom and Dad are wondering if you will ever get teeth. You are still toothless, and that's ok.
- You have started clapping,

definitely not on demand, but when you are happy!
- When laying down you still rarely move or roll. You put up with tummy time, but when you are tired you just put your head down instead of rolling over.
- This month you went to 3 going away parties. One with Mom's friends and the other two were with family. Everyone was sad to say goodbye to you. (But after the parties, we found out we weren't going to be moving after all.)
- You went shopping with Mom at Target, nothing new, but this time you were big enough to sit up in the cart.
- Hung out at Grandma and Grandpa Hales house while Ayrika opened her mission call to Indianapolis, Indiana.
-  Spent the day in Salt Lake with Grandma  and Grandpa Barber. You went swimming at the Marriott, shopped at City Creek, ate dinner at The Roof, and walked around Temple Square.
- Attended Dad's graduation from Roseman University. You took a short nap, and then were grumpy for the rest of the time. Mom had to walk around with you to keep you quiet.
- Went to the ward party and played with Sadie Pluim and the Johansen boys.
- Started going to Seven Peaks in Provo. You love sitting in the shallow and splashing or riding in your float around the lazy river.
- Went to the ward music class at church and you played with your friends. You loved hearing the songs that everyone sang.
- Tasted Mom's snowcone, you didn't love it.
-  Mom bought you a small inflatable pool for the yard and you enjoyed playing in the water and sucking on the inflatable animals.

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Mrs. Dean said...

Olivia is such a gorgeous little baby, and I love these monthly posts you do! These will be so fun for her to read when she grows up. And congrats on Bob's new job! So exciting.