Monday, June 17, 2013


On Saturday, June 8th Bob graduated from Roseman University with his Pharm D degree and his MBA. I am so proud of all the hard work he has put in the past 3 years. He has been working hard and studying non-stop. Because he decided to get his MBA, he went to school in the summers when he was  on a break from his Pharmacy classes.

Bob's parents came down for the weekend to celebrate. That morning we went to Little America for breakfast. We always eat really good food when the Barber's are in town. We stuffed ourselves and then made our way to City Creek for a little while before Bob needed to check in.

Graduation was held at Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake. We found a seat on the end so I could get up with Olivia if needed. Oh don't you worry, it was needed all right. My Dad met us there, Mom was sick. Olivia fell asleep about 10 minutes before graduation started and then she woke up about 5 minutes after it started. From then on she was pretty fussy and didn't want to sit on anyone's lap.

Bob walked twice, once for each degree. There were about 100 Pharmacy students and 14 of them got their MBA degrees too. It was neat to see him "hooded" and then for his class to recite the Pharmacy Oath.

After we took some pictures and then said goodbye to Bob's parents. 

Olivia was super grumpy at this point and I was sweating to death, so Bob turned in his robes and we left to go to lunch with my Dad.

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