Sunday, June 16, 2013

La Caille - Graduation Dinner

For Bob's graduation dinner we went to La Caille. It was a fun evening with Bob's friends from school. It was also fun for me to get dressed up. It was fun to see what people wore to the dinner. On the invitation it said the dress attire was semi-formal. There was everything from formal dresses down to jeans.

La Caille was beautiful and it was a fun experience to eat there. The weather was perfect minus the big fan next to our table which made me a little chilly during the long (and boring) speeches.

We each got a small piece of bread from the bread basket, and when we asked for more, they said they would see if they had any. The salad was delicious, all 5 bites of it... I felt like I was being teased because I really wanted more. The entree was ok, and the dessert was really good. The boys joked around that some had stopped before coming to eat, and others would get something on the way home so they would be full.

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