Wednesday, May 14, 2014

18 Months

Olivia has been eating like a bird, until the last few days. I am hoping that with all the food she has been eating it will be enough to put her over 18 pounds. She loves cooked carrots, pancakes, cheese, pasta, grapes, beans, yogurt, apples and basically anything she can dip into ketchup. For example last night she ate half of a hotdog without me helping her. I was so happy that she ate it. Usually she will eat a couple bites and then be done. When she is finished she will say all done and wants to count to 3 when I get her out of the high chair.

When Olivia wakes up (between 7-8:30) she always wants her sippy cup with milk. Before/during/after  breakfast depending on the time we watch and play during an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She loves Mickey and dances whenever they play their theme song.

New words this month: cereal, flower, "I see you", Cheetos, Jensen, Bo-Bo (Bogey my grandma's dog), kitty, book, bee, bear, "no way", ears, hair, mouth, water, binky, turn, soft, mouse, pig, chair, chick, and egg. If she isn't saying something that I understand she is going off in her own little language talking a mile a minute.

Olivia and I went to nursery last month for the last hour to ease her in. She loved being there and when we left when church was over she cried. A couple weeks ago I left her there for the full time since I had to teach Sunday School. When I checked in on her between SS and RS, she was crying but the teacher told me not to come in and when I picked her up she was having fun playing. This last Sunday when we picked her up the teacher told us she was a little "Tender" and missed Mom. I am hoping that she doesn't keep crying each week.

Olivia now folds her arms and kneels down when we say prayers, although she doesn't stay kneeling once the prayer is started She will sometimes say Amen when we finish, but it's probably every 1/5 prayers.

She loves her cousin Jensen. It is good for her to be around him, she has been learning how to share her toys and to play soft. When she says his name it is so cute!

When she hears music that she is familiar with she will start dancing. Her two moves right now are she squatting up and down or twirling in circles.

She is in a good routine of sleeping right now, she hasn't been waking up at night and usually sleeps 8 -8. This month has been rough with naps. She finally decided to transition to 1 nap. I am glad that she let me get through my sick and extra tired part of pregnancy first. She now naps for 2 - 3 hours each day. She usually goes down around 12. Somedays it is earlier and somedays it's later. I really want to have a routine of naps around 1, but we will see.

We are taking away her binky starting today, so wish us luck!

At her 18 month appointment her stats were:

Weight - 18 pounds 9 ounces, 5%
Length - 30. 5 inches long,     12%
Head - 18.25 inches,               52%

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Michele said...

I can't believe how little she is! Claire has been a picky eater lately too, but she's about 21 lbs. We also watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the mornings! It's a good routine :)