Saturday, May 3, 2014

BYU Baseball

Today Bob had the day off so we decided to get out and go to the BYU baseball game. We went to a game a year or so into our marriage, but haven't been back since. It was the hottest day of the week, and maybe month. It was mid 80's and it felt so good.

When we were buying our tickets, the announcer was listing the players of the kid team that had come that day. I heard a few names that were familiar to me, they were boys in my class last year. I was so excited to know they were there. When we walked in, the Vineyard Choir for my school was singing the National Anthem.

When they came back into the stands I said Hi to a few of my students from last year, but they didn't recognize me with my sunglasses on. (Or maybe they still thought I had moved to Oregon.)

I had lathered Olivia up in sunscreen, but she still appeared to be getting red. Which made me nervous, I didn't want her to get fried. I reapplied more sunscreen, which was so greasy. Her hair looked so nasty, but it's so thin, I didn't want her head to burn.

Olivia loved seeing the cougar walking through the stands. Every time she saw him she would get excited. So when she was looking pretty red, I took her down by the concessions to get in the shade. While we were there, we saw Cosmo and went to see him. As soon as she got close she burst into hysterical tears.

Bob bought Olivia an extra large otter pop, which she loved. And I got a pretzel, which I loved. That has been one of my pregnancy cravings. I usually hate nacho cheese, but I have been loving a pretzel dipped in cheese. Olivia also dipped her whole hand in the cheese and wiped it on Bob's pants. It was lovely.

We ended up leaving early because of the heat. We had a great time at the game and hope to make it back again next year instead of 4 years later.

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