Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

On Mother's Day I woke up to Olivia crying, and then we had breakfast. Bob made us Mickey Mouse waffles.

I opened my gift from Bob, which was a beach bag for my trip to San Diego this summer.

I got ready and left Olivia with Bob while I attended my cousin's baby blessing. It was nice to sit during Sacrament meeting without Olivia.

I came home and had lunch and then we were off to our ward. I didn't have to teach Sunday School, and I got a box of homemade chocolates. Olivia had a "tender" time in Nursery, but they didn't have to come get me, so that was nice.

We went to my parent's house right after church so we could talk with Sister Ayrika Hales. It was fun to hear the updates from her and to be able to see her live on Skype.

After we had a dinner of roast beef and potatoes that my mom had prepared. It was a wonderful day!

I am so grateful to be a Mom to Olivia and to our baby coming in October. I learn so much each day and I wouldn't trade being a Mom for anything. My Mom is such a great example to me and I love her so much. She is always willing to rearrange her schedule to help me out. I never leave her house without a plate or tupperware of leftovers. She is so giving and is always thinking of others.  She pampered all of us by cooking dinner and didn't let us bring a thing. I hope that I can become a great Mom like she is.

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