Thursday, August 20, 2009

{1st day laughs}

Today was my first day of school- that might be why I have had a lack of posts lately. I had a great day, I love my school, and I can't wait to get into a set schedule. On the other hand, I am exhausted and have my feet up because I think they might fall off if not.

Today my funny moment happened when I was explaining my behavior system. I give all the kids 10 tickets at the beginning of the week for doing their class jobs. But if they get in trouble or forget to do their job, they have to pay me. For bathroom- I let them go for free at recess and lunch. But if they need to go during my teaching time, they have to pay me 2 tickets. I was explaining this and a cute little second grader raised her hand and said, "I pee my pants a lot, so that isn't going to work for me!" I almost died, I told her I would talk to her later about it. I couldn't believe she announced it infront of the whole class. Everyone turned and looked at her, and her face turned red, I thought she was going to cry- but she didn't!


Emily Jones said...

That's really funny. Maybe you have another Zach on your hands but I hope not, for your sake. I am so glad that you had such a great first day. You are a wonderful teacher and those kids are going to love you!

Brittany said...

Alyse that is such a cute hilarious story. Way to keep your composure. Poor little girl ... just wait til she has a baby ... then she's REALLY gonna have some problems!! I can't wait for more stories!! :) Good luck with the transition!