Thursday, August 6, 2009

Boating fun!

The week of the 24th was a great week. I was able to go boating 3 times, and Bob was able to go twice. I love boating and hadn't been since the day before my wedding. I used to be OK at wakeboarding a few summers ago when I went every week all summer long. But I hadn't really been since then, so I was a little rusty. Over the week, I got it back though and was excited to enjoy going back and forth across the wake. Bob did awesome even though he had only gone a few times when he was younger.

Andrea and her boy McKay-- at this point the weather was getting a little scary, the waves were getting big and we were in for a wild ride. Once we passed the "eye of the storm" as my brother called it, we were on smooth water!
Me trying to handle the bumpy ride.... Bob wasn't able to come on this trip because of school.
These pictures are all of Bob. The first two of him wakeboarding and the third knee boarding up in Ogden with Bob's friend Casey and his finance. (can't remember name, ah!)

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Staci said...

Bob-I am impressed. Look at you go. Can't wait to see you guys in a couple of days!