Thursday, August 6, 2009

cutie pie korbin

I'll be honest, I haven't babysat for a LONG time. A year ago I babysat a newborn for a few hours, but since then I can't remember babysitting since before college. Tonight my friend Mary had a meeting in Provo and I got to watch her little boy Korbin. He will be 2 in a few weeks and is expecting a new baby brother or sister in 3 months. He is a doll. He showed up in the car, and waved to me, excited to see me. I asked Mary if he was going to cry and she said no, but with my luck he would. Don't worry- we kept ourselves entertained! Here's a few pictures to document our fun.

(I promise when he came, he had clothes on. But once he started playing with his toy animals, he took his shirt off. )

We had a little snack, mmmm cheerios! But somehow they made it onto the kitchen floor.

I thought it would be fun for Korbin to help me clean up and when I got the broom, I got the dustpan and sweeper. He did pretty good, we will work on his arm coordination next time!
Korbin brought with him a few toys, after playing with the animals for a while, we gave up and played cars.

I told Korbin to give me his funniest face and this is what happened! What a cutie! (Bob fed him a few cheetos- so he got a little messy!)
Korbin found some of my school books, but they were all chapter books, we found one with a few pictures but it was about myths, so not a book for a toddler.
I turned on a book being read online, since I had no childrens books in my house.

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Mary said...

i love it! thanks for watching him! i can tell he had a blast! i am glad he didnt attack your computer (he does iwht mine all the time!