Sunday, August 30, 2009

Overnight Get a Way

On Friday night Bob's mission companion and college roommate Casey, had his wedding reception in Ogden. After a long week of working, a lot of stress with moving and changing classes- I wasn't really looking forward to a night of driving. Bob and I packed an overnight bag and went up to the reception.

Casey gave us the recommendation of the Ogden Pizzeria, where we had cheese bread and BBQ pizza. It was awesome and the cute older couple sitting next to us were happy to share they had gone there on the 1st date, just 6 years ago.
After dinner we checked into our hotel down the street. There are a bunch of horses on both sides of the streets and they were painted with different themes. This was one that we saw. We had an indoor pool and hot tub to ourselves. (Not too many people staying in Ogden that night.... ha ha!) We enjoyed swimming and then watching a movie. I was so glad that we stayed away for the night. I left all of my school stuff at home and was able to just relax.


Josh and Rach said...

Wow, that must have been hard changing everything up right at the beginning of school!! It seems like so much hard work just to get it all organized and then you had to do it all over, yuck. Glad you had a good time staying in Ogden though. Let me know when you come to WA again so we can see you!!

Becca Jones said...

Fun, fun! Weekend getaways for Newlyweds are always good! :)