Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday's- Don't always start out great!

(No pictures taken, please use your imaginations.)

Today has been a LONG day. With my schedule, I have an hour of prep on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. So Wednesday and Friday I have a long afternoon without a break. To start my day out, I had a boy come in from a recess telling me that his shoe fell off onto the roof. After asking many questions about how it fell onto the roof, 15 feet above us, he recalled that he was kicking a ball on the blacktop and his shoe flew up. *Don't worry, kicking balls on the blacktop is not allowed. Luckily right before lunch, the custodian brought in his shoe so he could go to recess.

Fast forward until the middle of lunch recess. A short freak storm appeared. It was cold, the wind was out of control and then it started to snow. So the principal called it an inside recess in the middle of recess. She said she would unlock our doors. So I continued to eat my lunch.

When I walked through the office to go back, one of my kids was crying hysterically. I asked if he was ok, and kept walking. When I got to my class all of the kids were sitting outside. The assistant principal had half a pencil in his hand. Apparently boy in the office was trying to unlock the door with the pencil. Now the lead was stuck inside and my door wouldn't unlock even with the key.

Wow. What was I going to do? Luckily my friend had prep so I could have my kids read in her room. But shortly after I made all of the plans, the Custodian came to my rescue and my lock/door were fixed.

In the mean time of the kids being locked out, some girls in my class thought it would be funny to get paper towels and toilet paper wet, wad it up, and throw them on the walls and ceiling of the bathroom.

I love my job.

What a day.

I'm glad it's the weekend.


Anderson Family said...

What a day! I am glad it's the weekend for you too! I also wanted to congratulate you too! How exciting on Bob's schooling!

Mrs. Dean said...

Oh my goodness, that is so funny! Hope your weekend was relaxing enough to make up for all of that.

Mary said...

oh good.i am sorry! yay for spring break!

blindblogger said...

Congrats to you and Bobo on the acceptance! Wow that is exciting. We can blog now. Yeah!