Saturday, March 20, 2010

A post for Grandpa Hales

I don't believe my grandparents check my blog, but that might have to change. About a month ago my Grandpa Blaine offered Bob and I his old recliner. It was his favorite chair, and he kept it in his bedroom. My Grandma didn't like it, because it didn't match their room. Also it is getting older and isn't very stable. My Grandpa sleeps in it sometimes, so my Grandma wanted a better chair for him. In the end, my Grandma won and Grandpa wanted it to go to a good home.

We forgot to pick it up but eventually we remembered and picked it up. Let me just tell you that as soon as we put the chair together, Bob was glued to it. He is in love with Grandpa's blue chair. Whether we are watching TV, a movie, eating dinner, or studying- Bob is in his chair. We have a future Grandpa Blaine in our house. haha.

Thanks Grandpa!!!!
Bob will be glued in this chair until the NCAA tournament is over. And because Bob finished his puzzle, we will now be eating dinner at the kitchen table!!! Wahoo!

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Mark and JanaRae said...

Way to go on the puzzle. It looks great. Also love the chair. Glad that you guys got it.