Monday, March 8, 2010

Hair cuts, Dads, and Dessert

Today was a really fun day. Every Monday morning we have an assembly to talk about upcoming events, celebrate birthday's, review school rules, and to celebrate learning. My friend Shelly teaches 2nd grade in the morning and 3rd in the afternoon. (She kind of took over my split, sorry!) She challenged her kids last month to read a certain amount of minutes. If they reached their goal, she would cut her hair and donate it to locks of love.

Her class accomplished their goal, and it turns out our Principal cut hair for 25 years prior to her principal days. So during Monday Morning Meeting, Shelly had her hair cut. It was such a neat reward for her class, and motivated the rest of our students.

My kids all thought I should do it, but I just got my hair cut, and colored this weekend. So I wouldn't qualify anyway. (Pictures to come.)

A boy in my class turned around during reading and shouted, "Wow- I keep forgetting that you painted your hair. It just looks so different."

One girl in my class passed me a note during writing time telling me that I needed to go to the Nickle City, because it is "the best place ever, and that she love love love the new highlights."

After our assembly we had Dad's and Donuts with the whole 3rd grade. I missed out on it last year because I had a training. It was so much fun, and the kids loved it. In the last month I had some bully drama with a certain girl in my class. Her parents are divorced and she has been taking some of her anger out on other kids. Her Dad drove 400 miles to come to Dad's and Donuts this morning. You should have seen her face when he surprised her and showed up! It was the neatest thing. He later came into our class to see her stuff, because he had never been in any of his children's classes. It made me so sad, yet so happy to see him so impressed with his daughter.

And lastly, I made this dinner tonight after school. Bob loved it. It was pretty easy, and we had lots of leftovers! And for dessert I had one of these:and I am afraid I might be addicted. Too bad it's $2.50 for only 4. We might go broke! I dare you to try one!

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