Wednesday, March 24, 2010

spring lovin

Things I have been loving lately....
- homemade banana bread
-class competitions (spirit Friday, boxtops, etc.)
-spring break in 7 school days
-having a consistently clean house
-trying new recipes (see here)
-straight hair
-the sunshine
-price matching at walmart
-feeling like I am getting the teaching thing down (kind of)
-bob telling me that shepherds pie is the best dinner ever
-getting free samples in the mail

Things I have not been loving lately....

-waiting to hear back from pharm schools
-finding a new car insurance
-plucking my eyebrows
-the lack of Easter decorations


Emily Jones said...

Mmmm, your banana bread looks amazing! I'm glad your list of things you love is longer than things you don't love!

Andrea said...

I just made banana bread and ate half the loaf. :)
Your class looks like so much fun! Sometimes I wish I had the chance to teach.
Tell us more about the price matching at Walmart- can you do it on food??

Leandra said...

mmm, you're such a good cook. I definitely remember that- banana bread looks amazing and I bet your shepherds pie was the best ever.

hey, our car insurance is Auto Owners Insurance. We save about $30 bucks a month when we switched to them. couldn't believe how much cheaper it was. And our coverage is really really good. Text me if you're interested and I'll get you our agents number.