Tuesday, March 2, 2010

St. Patrick's Day and some other things

I ordered a set of St. Patrick's Day crafts. In my "someday" world, I would like to create and make them myself, but right now all I can do is assemble. I loved this craft set, and it was really easy to put together. I ordered it from here.

I seriously put all 3 of these together in less than an hour. I might have spent a little more time, but I was in a hurry. I still had snowmen decorations up and my VT's were coming over tonight, so I had to get them up fast.

Funny things that have happened in class lately:

Boy in my class leaves early one day to go pick up his grandparents from the airport. The next morning he tells me that his grandparents were coming back from Hong Kong, and his Grandpa got arrested in San Francisco on their way home. They waited at the airport for hours. And his Grandma was so mad, he had all of their souveniers in his luggage. (Apparently they flew on different flights.)

We have homework club the first Monday of the month. If you turn in all of your HW the last month you get to go to the gym and watch a movie before lunch. I told my kids they had to have their reading calendars in by Monday.

I got this note from my student.

dear teacher,
our dog chewed up the yhellow homwork and the reding calindar.
from my mom

*First of all I was sad that he forgot to remember to capitalize and use correct punctuation. We have been working on that all year, and working on writing letters the last few months with our pen pals.

I confronted him, and he said that he didn't write it. His mom did. I couldn't believe he would keep lying. Eventually I got it out of him. haha.

Happy March everyone!


perdue family said...

OOOOO!!! Cute St. Patty's day crafts! I haven't made anything in a while! And i've been thinking about going to got more square frames. PS. that letter from the kids mom made me LOL. thanks.

Heather said...

Way cute crafts! I usually don't decorate for st. patricks, but your making me want to. Maybe I'll have to order some stuff for Abby and I to do!

Christian Jones said...

Oh my goodness, best story ever. "Love my mom" was my favorite part. Oh children, when will they learn? You'll have to let me know how your diet is going and we'd love to get together in April! :)

Emily Jones said...

By the way, "Christian Jones" is really me. I didn't realize he was signed in. Sorry about that! :)