Saturday, March 20, 2010

So You Think You Can Skate?

Last night was Skate Night for Vineyard Elementary. Everyone at the school, got in free at Classic Skating and it was the highlight of the week for my kids. Every day my kids would remind me about it, and ask me if I was going to be there. I decided to step it up and attend. I was given 3 choices by the kids, I could:

1. Skate (4 wheel style)
2. Rollerblade
3 Scooter

Most kids said they were pro's at using the scooter's and they were going to be skating. I had never owned a pair of skates (atleast that I can remember) but I was decent at rollerblading. To make life exciting I chose to skate.

Bob and I went to dinner at Wingnutz (Near the orem mall/movie theater.) Not a fan! And then showed up at 5:30- when entrance was free. There were already tons of kids there.

Needless to say, I saw lots of kids and it was a lot of fun. The skates were old and cheep, so they were hard to skate on, and I wasn't that good anyway. The last time I had been to Classic Skating must have been in the 6th grade. *Before the kids left school on Friday I told them that they couldn't come close to me while I was skating, because I would fall, and fall on them.

Best comment of the night. I was skating next to my student Kaylee and I had seen her brother (6th grade) "snowballing" with another girl from our school. (Where you hold hands for a song.) She told me, "He got that girl to be his girlfriend right after school today, so he would have a girl for the snowball." Haha.
This is how excited Bob was! We had a great time, saw a few fellow teachers, skated for an hour and came home to watch a movie.

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