Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cake Pops or Cake Disaster?

This morning I went to a couple grocery stores to get the ingredients for my vegetables and pies for tomorrow. My cousin Laken sent me a recipe for one of the pies I will be making. Attached to the recipe was another recipe for German Chocolate cake balls. I have never made them, but they only have a few ingredients. Whenever I look at the cake balls/pops on Bakerella's website, I fall in love with them. So I googled Turkey Cake Pops, and POOF, there they were on her website. So, I said to myself.... I should make some of those for our Thanksgiving meal tomorrow.

I went to a couple more stores to get all of the stuff and came home on a crafty/foody high. I was super excited.I made the cake balls and put them in the freezer. That was pretty easy.
Then I made little Turkey faces. I even got edible pens so I could draw on their little eyes. This was a little more challenging, but doable.I dipped the chilled cake balls in chocolate. (Didn't take a picture, I was a mess.)

That's when it all went downhill. Maybe I should've googled how to dip the cake balls without making a mess. Or when to put the stick in the cake, or when to put the pretzel legs in.

When I went to put the stick in and the pretzel legs, it basically broke the chocolate shell around the cake. After the first four disasters, I basically cried to Bob telling him I should never do things like this. They are hard, messy, and I am not good at them. He said they looked wonderful.... and motivated me to finish them. (I used a knife to break a small hole in the shell before sticking the stick and pretzels in.)

I am glad I finished them, but they basically look horrible. Hoping that the taste makes up for the appearance.
*** Not all are crooked like this one. I just was too tired to look through all of them to find the best one.

I have one more tray of cake balls in my freezer.... If you want to attempt it, let me know. You can have mine.


Matt and Melissa said...

They look really cute! That does sound like a hard thing to make! Good job on finishing them! Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

kris said...

They are hard to make and get perfect. This is the second time I have tried cake pops and this time wasn't much better. Mine will be on my blog tomorrow. My husband was trying to make me feel good, so he told me that mine look like real turkeys and Bakerella's look like fake turkeys because they are so cute and real turkeys are ugly:) He tried to help.

Anderson Family said...

You are so cute and thoughtful. I do the same thing but I usually quite way to go on finishing them and they still do look cute~

Courtney and Bridger said...

They are honestly so cute Alyse!