Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ups and Downs of 3rd grade

This week has been a crazy week. At my race on Saturday I talked to our school sub, she said she would see me later in the week as she didn't have any jobs early in the week. She jokingly told me to try and get sick so she could work. Saturday night I felt a soar throat coming on and felt crappy all weekend. I went to school on Monday, and by the end of the day I knew I wasn't getting better. But since it was just cold like symptoms, I just decided to take off Tuesday morning, and come in after lunch. It was so nice to sleep in and take my time getting ready. I felt ok.... but wasn't feeling perfect.

We have been working on Multiplication and Division this month. We did an art project using arrays. They were given a couple sheets of paper to create whatever they wanted as long as they figured out the multiplication problem for each array. We had some really cool things created. This is what two girls put together for me.
Aren't we sooo cute?

Today a student pooped their pants twice.... Yes you read that right. Once in the morning, got new clothes and then later in the afternoon it happened again. -- This will be the 4th incident in the past 2 weeks. So not only am I teaching, but I am using my sense of smell to see when this student is stinky.

Over Thanksgiving break I am getting a Smartboard (an interacative whiteboard) installed in my classroom, which I am super excited about. I recently took a class to figure out how to use it, and the board has been sitting in the office for the past few weeks, waiting to be installed.


Adrianna said...

man I miss 3rd grade!! Hope you're having fun, poopy pants and all!

Heidi said...

Ooh, I'm so jealous that you're getting a smart board!

Kerri Jex said...

So jealous about the smart board! That will be awesome!

Steph said...

So I love reading about all the 3rd grade antics! I would comment more often, but I typically read on my phone's reader (no commenting capability) but I'm a faithful reader and enjoyer!

Mike and Laken Cannon said...

Can I come play on your smart board? I love those things. Your kids are going to go crazy when they see it. I'm trying to talk PSD into installing one in my office. We'll see how it goes. :)