Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nail update...

Thank you to all of your ideas for Thanksgiving vegetables. My mind is spinning, I know I will be making cheese cauliflower (one of Bob's favorite) and another dish.

One of the traditions for my family is to have a pie contest. Whoever is hosting Thanksgiving asks neighbors or friends to come judge our contest. In the past we have had over 20 pies. Anyone can enter and there are always fun prizes. (2 years ago it was tickets to comedy sportz, and in the end the whole family went with the winners. This was right after Bob and I had started dating and he met my whole Hales side of the family.)

So any who, I have a few pie ideas, (yes I procrastinate) but if you have a fool proof favorite pie, feel free to share it with me. Last year I tried the French Silk, which was pretty good.... and I did master the pie crust- but it didn't appeal to our judges.

Jamberry Nail Update:
If you buy them, make sure you watch the How To Apply video. I didn't watch it, and I wish I had prior. I was just so excited.

My toenails are still going strong, but my fingernails lasted 1 week and I peeled them off. I would recommend having a friend put them on for you. It's so hard to do it one handed. If the shield sticks to your cuticle or skin at all, it doesn't seal properly. Between that, and me washing a million dishes by hand this week, a couple started to come up on the sides.

I can't wait to order these holiday designs.
To view all of the nails, go to their website HERE.

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Brianne said...

I love these! I have a friend who worked at a nail boutique in Lindon and they did these! They called them "Trendy Toez" I got them done and loved them! I talked my husband into letting me get these because the cost of the nails is so much cheaper than the cost of that many pedicures! :) Thanks for sharing this great find!!!