Sunday, November 7, 2010

Where did my weekend go?

I always find myself on Sunday night thinking where did the past 2 days go? They seriously go by so fast. Friday night I found myself sitting at home enjoying Cafe Rio and planning my Relief Society Lesson. Bob left for his Young Mens camp out. -Teaching Relief Society stresses me out and I get a little ornery, so it worked out perfectly that he was gone that night.

I woke up early-ish and Mary and I went to Lakeridge Jr. High for our 5k. We were there way too early, but we were excited to wear our new shirts and run our first 5k together. We ran 2 10ks this summer and this was our last race of the year. My goal was to run it in 30 minutes, but with only a few days of training, I didn't quite make it. I ran it in 31 minutes 20 seconds. There were a few teachers from my school also running, it was a great day. To see a recap of the race check out SteeleStrong.

I came home got ready and:
-Bought a gift
-Went to a baby shower
-Packed my laptop and some onesies (See my new holiday onesies in another post!)
-Went to the neighbors and watched the BYU game (well I reviewed my lesson and stitched some onesies.)
-Went to the store again to get a birthday present
-Went to Quinn's 1st birthday party

Quinn turned 1. He is darling. Mary and Russ made an awesome cake. Older brother Korbin was so excited for the presents and was pretty sure they were part his. Quinn hated the cake at first, but ended up diving in later on.
Sunday we loved sleeping in an extra hour. I taught my lesson in Relief Society and am so happy to have that done for a few months! *Teaching adults is just not my thing. We spent the day hanging out at our house relaxing. Happy Sunday!


Mary said...

i love the death look korbin is giving you.. i am sure someone is telling him 'no'.... poor kid..

Gary said...

Do you ever find that when you leave school on Friday you are so ambitious to do school work over the weekend but then you get home and other things come up and you end up lugging the bag of things you brought home back to school on Monday? Glad to see you fill your weekend with other things! As it should be:)

Sara Gray said...

Sorry, that last comment is really from me- Sara Gray. My husband must have forgotten to sign out last time he checked his email.