Thursday, December 19, 2013

Festival of Lights

Growing up we always went to the Festival of Lights for an FHE close to Christmas. The last time Bob and I went was 5 years ago right after we started dating. We didn't realize they wouldn't take a debit card so they let us in for all the change we had in the car.

Last night my parents took us to see the lights. Olivia was a little tired, but she had a great time. She sat up front with Grandma and Grandpa and squealed and pointed at the lights. She also might've been a little happy that she wasn't in her carseat.

Afterwords we went to get frozen yogurt. Olivia loved it, although her face shows that she is up past her bedtime. She is dressed up in her elf PJ's that I had her wear all day. When I went to get my license renewed, the lady there asked if we had just gotten her pictures taken. - Nope, we just like to dress up for the holidays!

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