Thursday, December 5, 2013

Olivia meets Santa

Last Christmas Olivia was 6 weeks old. We were still hibernating, so we didn't get a picture with Santa.  I was excited to take her, because she still has entered the stranger zone, and loves everyone. Santa hadn't arrived when we got to the studio for our appointment, so Olivia played with some toys and other kids for 15 minutes. By the time we saw Santa, she wasn't thrilled to be taken away from the toys.  Both myself and the photographer were bending backwards trying to get her to smile. But she just had a blank stare. But I'll take that any day over crying. I put her in her jeans and they are 6-12 months. They fit great around the waist, and if she is standing look cute. I didn't realize they were floods until she sat on his lap.

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