Saturday, June 14, 2014

19 Months

Our nightly routine consists of reading a page from the illustrated Book of Mormon with Olivia. After we say a prayer and it's off to bed. During the day, Olivia will bring me her Book of Mormon and after looking at a few pages together, she will fold her arms and say prayer.

She learned how to open the wipes container, so we have to place them strategically throughout the house. She loves to take the wipe and wipe her mouth.

When I am finished changing Olivia's diaper, she will take it and put it in the trash.

This month Olivia started to have a little bit more of an appetite. For breakfast we usually rotate through cereal, scrambled eggs, and waffles. She still loves to dip, so her eggs are usually coated with ketchup. For lunch she will have a sandwich or whatever I am having. She has been enjoying pasta and rice & beans for dinner.

Olivia has decided that she no longer wants to go down the stairs on her belly. She wants to walk down like the rest of us. She starts off fine because she can hold onto the banister, but after the first couple of stairs she gets stuck. When we leave the house together, we walk together hand in hand and count the stairs as we go. She is really good at one, two, five and six.

Some of her new words this month are elephant and prayer. Can't think of too many new ones right now.

She loves the water. For the past few weeks we have been rotating between the Springville River and Seven Peaks. We can't wait to go to Lake Powell this next week.

I don't know if it is because of the heat, or just her age but she hates being in the car.

She is officially binky free. I am so glad we took it away when we did because it was mostly painless and she has gotten along fine without it. There are the occasional moments when I really wish I could give it to her. (Like when she doesn't stop crying in the car.

She loves to have conversations on my phone or on the iPod touch. She uses her little gibberish language and inserts a few words here and there that I recognize. Usually Dada or Bobo.

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