Monday, June 30, 2014

Cherry Picking

While living in the apartments in Orem, I don't think we ever picked the cherries off the trees. We definitely picked up a lot of the fruit off the ground, but never off the tree to eat. Funny that now we live in Mapleton, and my parents stopped by with bags of cherries that they had gone and picked for us. {We aren't that lazy, the tree's didn't produce a ton while we were there, some years there were bugs, and I was always worried about if they had been sprayed or not.} This year the 2 cherry trees produced a ton of great cherries. My parents brought us a bunch of the dark red variety and invited us to come help pick some of the light reddish/orange cherries the next night. 

Bob had to work, so Olivia and I went over with my parents, Andrea and Jensen. Olivia and Jensen played well at first. Andrea and I picked well at first. Then we saw too many friends from the ward in the culdasac and we got distracted talking to them. And the babies found the containers of picked cherries and they started eating them. Mom and Dad definitely did the best picking and we brought home tons of yummy cherries! 

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