Monday, June 2, 2014

A week of water

This last week was so much fun. I am so happy with the weather being warmer and having fun places to go each day. I am excited for this summer. This is our summer. Olivia and I will be having lots of fun and taking full advantage of it just being the two of us (and Bob when he isn't at work). We had a great first week. 

 On Tuesday Bob, Livy and I met Brent, Andrea, and Jensen at Seven Peaks. It was 85-90 degrees that afternoon. When we got there, there weren't too many people since school was still going and it was open 4 - 8 for a few days. It was the perfect afternoon. We went around the lazy river, and then played in the baby area. Olivia was a little timid, and she was trying to figure out walking in the water. Last summer she just sat in the baby area and splashed. Then we went to the wave pool and Olivia loved the waves. Unfortunately Olivia is on the skinny side, so she gets cold easily. So we didn't stay too long after that. We updated our passes with our parking pass and tube before we left. The line was so long when we got there, we just went straight in. It was much shorter after - and not so hot.

On Wednesday I met up with my friend Jolene and her two kids. They have a little fake river and splash pad here in Springville. Jolene couldn't believe I didn't know about it, but last summer I didn't have a walking child so we didn't go to Splash Pads. I also was sad that I didn't wear my swimsuit like every other mom there. I was dying in my shirt and shorts. We didn't go to the splash pad area, we just played in the river and had a picnic lunch. It was perfect, Olivia loved the river and the fountains in it. Right next to the river there is a snow cone shack, so we all got a snow cone. Who ever runs that has got to make bank. Who doesn't want a snow cone while playing in the sun and water? The best part was Olivia came home and slept for 3 hours. I think we will be coming back often!

First snow cone, grape!

Thursday I met up with Brooke and Amber. We went to the Pioneer Park in Provo where there is a splash pad. Olivia didn't love the splash pad, but she would get her hands wet. We also did a picnic lunch there. I think that is just how my summer is going to be. Go somewhere every morning, play in the water and have a picnic lunch. So fun!

Not too brave today, but maybe next time she'll get a little more wet! 

Sharing her sandwich with her friend James.

Just Olivia and I went back to the river on Friday and then did Seven Peaks on Saturday. On Saturday Olivia seriously had no fear and I loved every second of chasing her around. I am glad I only have 1 kid right now so I can keep my eyes on her. In the wave pool, she kept walking towards the waves even though they were about to knock her over. She was wobbling all over the place and had the biggest grin on her face. She did get knocked over a few times, but she was all smiles when I pulled her out of the water.

If you ever want to meet up, just let me know. I am planning on getting out every day - as long as it is warm! 

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