Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hand, Foot, & Mouth Disease

I never want to type or say the words of this title again. This week Olivia contracted HF&M and it has been the worst week ever. She was grumpy Sunday night and then feverish Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday night she and I were up from 1 AM to 5 AM, she wouldn't stop crying and nothing could comfort her. We sat on the couch and I kept trying to get her to lay down or fall asleep in my arms. It was one of those long awful nights where you don't feel like you know how to be a good parent because you barely have any patience and question why you are having another child.

We both finally fell asleep from 5-7:30 (sleeping on the couch pregnant is the worst!) and when she got up the rash had appeared. At first it was just a little bit behind her legs and around her elbows. Later in the day I saw a little sore on the inside of her lip and self diagnosed her. 

She was super grumpy, needy, clingy, and didn't want anything I offered her. A few cartoons distracted her, but it was a long day. Lucky for me Bob's schedule has him working and at scouts for 10-12 hours Wednesday through Friday this week. I was so happy Olivia napped yesterday and today for about 2 hours so I could have a break and a nap of my own. 

Today her rash had grown, but the blisters had started to dry up and from what I read that is a good sign. I put a little bit of calamine lotion on her this afternoon, I am hoping it will help dry them up. The rash moved from her arms and legs to her hands and feet, although they aren't as bad. I hope it stays that way. 

She has had some really sad and grumpy periods of the day and then she has a few hours where she is super happy and you would never guess she was sick. I am hoping each day the happy periods get longer and longer. We are supposed to leave for Lake Powell on Monday, but we will leave later in the week if needed. 

When I got the camera out to take pictures of the rash it was during a happy period. She kept putting her face by the camera and saying cheese. She also was showing a little skin. Love this girl!!! I so hope she gets better quick!


Alisha Frost said...

Hand foot and mouth is horrible!!! So sorry for you and her. Hopefully she'll be a new girl when it's time to go to Lake Powell.

Liesl said...

Oh no! It's been around our Nursery, too. What are you supposed to do for it? Just wait it out? So sad when these little cuties are sick.