Monday, July 14, 2014

20 Months

During this last month Olivia got Hand, Foot, & Mouth disease. She was a rashy mess while we were at Lake Powell and it finally calmed down by the time we got home. The next day a new rash appeared that she was itching to the point of bleeding. I took her into the doctor's and it was just some dumb rash that appeared from all the stress her body had been under from HF&M. The good news from the appointment was that since her 18 month check up, she has gained a whole pound. She gained 3 pounds in the last year, so I was so happy to see a pound gain in the last month. We are only 1 pound away from the 20 pound mark.

I bought Olivia a little potty to have in the house, just to get her familiar with it. The first 3 days after having bought it, she woke up and went pee in the potty. But it was short lived and only lasted those 3 days. I am planning on potty training her in September.

So some of her new words include: potty, pee, poop - Yeah for us! One of my favorite words that she says right now is pizza. When she says it, it sounds like pizzia.

We took Olivia to her first movie at the theater. We saw Rio 2 at the Spanish Fork Water Gardens. We only saw the first 40 minutes or so. But she had a great time while she was there.

Even though I still think it is short, her hair has grown a ton in the past few months. I have no idea how to do it, so that is definitely a work in progress!

This month she got to hang out with her cousin Brody. He came to visit with his mom Kelsey from Michigan. While they were here we went to Seven Peaks a couple times, had a BBQ, and ate at Zupas and Swig.

She loves to say goodbye to anything and everything as she is leaving. We have an elephant as our screen on our computer and she will say 'bye elephant' as she goes to another room. It is super sweet.

Her schedule is still sleeping 8:30 - 8, which I love. She usually wakes up when Bob is finishing getting ready for work. She gets to see him for a few minutes before he leaves each day. She takes a nap everyday around 1, and it usually lasts 2 hours. Some days I am lucky and it will last 2.5 - 3 hours.

When I went to take this months picture it was right before we were leaving for church. I took this picture and my camera died right after. I am glad that the only picture I got, was actually pretty cute. Gotta love the sticker on the bottom of her shoe.

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Mike and Laken Cannon said...

Love the dress! Piper has the same one. :)