Sunday, July 6, 2014

Big Girl Potty

{This post is total potty talk and has potty pictures. Read on if you would like.}

On Tuesday I stopped at the store to grab a booster seat for my Mom's house. While I was there I browsed the potties and picked one up. My main goal was to have it out and get Olivia prepared to use it in a few months. That day it sat in the living room and Olivia couldn't stop playing with it.

I put it in the bathroom that night and the next morning when I was getting her ready for her bath I sat her on it. When she got out of the bath, we were leaving the bathroom and she kept saying potty. I unwrapped her from her towel and sat her down. I only let her sit there for a minute because she started shivering from being wet. I wrapped her back in her towel and took her to get dressed. Later when I went to clean up the bath toys, I found there was pee in the toilet. I was so surprised and excited. I gave her a treat and we celebrated, even though it was probably 15 minutes after the fact.

Totally blurry, but a pretty cute potty picture. 
The next morning (Thursday) she woke up dry and I put her on the potty, she instantly peed. But during the day I'd ask her if she needed to go at all and put her on the potty periodically but she wasn't interested at all, and I'd just be chasing a naked baby around the house.

Friday morning she woke up wet, but I still put her on the potty, and she peed a little. But that was the end of that. Since then, she hasn't wanted to go - and I am not going to force her. We are going to San Diego to stay with Bob's sister in a couple weeks and then have Lake Powell at the beginning of August. I want to enjoy these summer vacations without worrying {selfish, I know} and I don't think that she is totally ready.

Back to my original plan of potty training in September - when I can stay home and focus just on that. Plus she will be a little older. My Mom had all of us potty trained by the time we were 2, so I am hoping my daughter will follow in my footsteps!

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