Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Farm with Friends

One thing that I have loved about this summer is that Olivia and I have been getting out as much as possible. After a long winter/spring of being inside a lot because of the cold and being extra tired from early pregnancy it feels so good to be out and about each day. A bunch of my friends that met in our old ward try to get to get together every week or so.
Waiting for our friends to arrive.
Today we met up at the Farm at Thanksgiving Point. This morning I told Olivia we were going to the farm to see the animals. So all morning she kept repeating farm, animals. She is a little parrot and will repeat whatever she hears people say.

It was the perfect morning for the farm, as it was overcast and warm - but not hot. I love that there were new babies born since the last time we were there a couple weeks ago. Olivia didn't love the chicks like last time, but she loved the horses, cows, and pigs.

Olivia in action - waving to the cows. 
When we were looking at the goats, she was brave and stood right next to them. One of them licked her through the fence. She thought it was pretty funny. She also loved looking at the stamp on her hand and showing it to the animals. As we left each animal she would say bye, and say hi to the next animal we saw.

All of the kids rode the ponies. This was Olivia's first time and she was pretty nervous. Part of the time she was fine and the other part she would reach out to hold on to me. I am sure that over time she will warm up and and enjoy it more.

We finished off our morning with a picnic lunch, lots of talking and catching up, and a picture of the kiddos. This picture doesn't tell the true story, because everyone had a good time. I think the boys just didn't want to sit on the bench by the girls, ha!

Grace, Jack, Oliva, James, & Hudson.

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Liesl said...

It was a fun day! Those boys look so miserable, having to sit still on the bench for a picture and all. At least the girls have smiles on their faces! Ha ha. Kids.