Thursday, August 14, 2014

21 Months

When she saw Pooh Bear and my camera she got up on the couch and said "picture." She posed on her own today. 
Olivia took another flight this month and got pretty lucky and landed in first class. First time for mom and first time for Olivia. When checking in online, I found I could upgrade to first class for $50. (It was already going to cost me $25 for my bag, and with the upgrade I didn't have to pay for my bag, so I called it a steal and went with it.) Olivia and I were the only customers in first class on our way to San Diego. She sat in her own seat with her seat belt on and loved it. She was so good. The ride home wasn't too bad even if she did have to sit on my lap the whole way.

We spent a week with Aunt Ashley and cousins Tate and Crew in San Diego. Olivia loved playing with her cousins and visiting the Wild Animal Park. She wants to visit the animals everyday now.

While in San Diego Olivia borrowed Tate's old carseat and it was facing forward. When we got home from the trip, we switched her seat around and it has been so nice. We also moved her seat to the outside behind the drivers seat.

Olivia has started taking a bit more interest in movies. Her current favorites are Rio and Jungle Book. Sometimes I put on Tangled, Cinderella, or Frozen just to switch things up. But whenever she wants to watch a movie she says RIO, RIO, RIO. And when she really wants it, she does a little pouty face and says please a lot. She knows if she says please, she will most likely get what she asks for. The only problem with the movies is she loves getting into the entertainment center and pulling out every single DVD. She also knows how to open the cases and pulls out any papers that are inside. Somedays I feel like I am constantly putting them away.

Celebrated the 24th of July by watching Dad in the parade and spending our day in the park. Olivia loved watching the parade. There were horses and candy, what more could she ask for?

This month Olivia made her 4th trip to Lake Powell. This was the best trip so far. The water was just warm enough that it was comfortable for her to swim in. (In June it was way too cold and she didn't want to be in the water at all.) She also swam by herself behind the houseboat wearing her Puddle Jumper. That is seriously the best invention for little kids, she can swim around and has control. When we put her in her lifejacket she flips and flops with no control.

We went to Kangaroo Zoo with Hudson Fairbanks for a playdate. It was a huge room of inflatables that Olivia didn't love. She wasn't feeling that great, but I think they intimidated her and so it was a bit of a waste. We will try again in a few months.

Currently loves: stickers, bubbles, blankie, being outside, swimsuits, pat a cake, animals, jumping on the tramp, coloring, Jensen, the farm, and treats.

"I help you" = Will you help me? Because I always say to her, Do you want me to help you?
She still is a walking parrot and will copy whatever you say. She must've heard the name Carly a lot in nursery one day. When we got home I asked her who she played with and she replied, "Carly." The only problem is Carly is an identical twin, haha. This last Sunday we went downstairs to celebrate Great Grandpa Hales birthday. Since then, she will walk around the house singing the words "happy birthday to you."

Her hair is getting longer and has to be pulled back everyday. I am trying my best to figure out how to do it. When she wakes up in the morning she will run her hands back through her hair and in a whiney voice say, "hair, hair, hair" and wants me to pull it up out of her face.

She now climbs on the kitchen chairs and we have found her on the kitchen table a few times. I have to remember to clear off the table so there isn't anything tempting her to climb up to see.

Wears size 3 shoes, 12-18 month bottoms and tops. She has a few 18-24 month dresses that fit great, but some are too long. She is still wearing size 3 diapers. I had a box of 4's that I put her in and they were just too big. So I traded my sister Andrea who had a box of 3's that were too small for Jensen.

Olivia has a strong love for her blankie. She has woken up crying in the middle of the night a few times this last month because her blankie has fallen out of the crib. I also had to get some crib bumpers because she got her thigh stuck twice in one day. It was stuck bad, and I couldn't push her leg out. I made Bob do it both times. She goes to bed between 8:30 and 9:00 and has been waking up anywhere from 7 - 9.

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Katie said...

The first time I took Lexie to kangaroo zoo she was 22 months and she screamed and cried the entire time. It was awful. Since then my kids have loved it...though the twins are deprived and have never gone. You need to bring her over to Maridees basement. They have a little bounce house that the twins love! Maybe she'd warm up to the idea.