Monday, August 18, 2014

Sewing: {Nesting takes over}

A friend of mine was making leggings and matching headbands for her baby girl who will be born around the same time as ours. I have been wanting to get some for both girls but I seriously can't pay $20-$40 for a pair of leggings. After looking around I finally ordered some fabric online. I searched for a simple tutorial, opened up my box of 0-3 month clothes and got some leggings to trace. The tutorial I was following said it looks best when you use a double needle. So Olivia and I went to JoAnn's and got some coordinating thread and a double needle.

 I put Olivia down for her nap and got started on the baby's pair. They took a while, but I got the pair finished and I was happy with the product as it was the first. I started on Olivia's and somehow the fabric got stuck and I seriously couldn't get it out of my machine. I had to cut it out and start all over.

Seriously 15 seconds into sewing the freshly cut material I broke one of the needles on my double needle. {Not that I sew a ton, but in the last 3 years or so I have never broken a needle. Of course it happened today with my brand new needle.} Olivia woke up from her nap shortly after - which was way too early, but it allowed me to run back to the store and grab another double needle. 

When I got home I decided to scrap Olivia's pair. The pineapple material said it was a jersey knit, but they seriously don't stretch at all. For the baby, it will be fine to wear but not so much for Livy. I started on my second pair for the baby which when finished will be matching Christmas leggings. I went a lot slower this time because I didn't want to break another needle, and I had to match up the pattern. They are far from perfect, but I am impressed with how close I did get them. 

Here are my final products for the day. I should've put my hand next to them, because they are so small. It's hard for me to remember Olivia ever being this small. I left all of my sewing stuff and machine out on the kitchen table so I can finish up the other pairs soon. 

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JenFielding said...

Alyse, these are SO SO cute! I am really impressed. LOVE them. And maybe for all the trouble that's why they sell for $20-40 :)