Wednesday, August 6, 2014

28 Weeks

This last month I got my 3rd and worst sinus infection of this pregnancy. I have never had sinus infections before until now. It started on a Friday and all weekend I was dying. Extra strength Tylenol wasn't really doing much, like it had with the previous 2. The weird thing is that the pain was mostly from 10 - 5 each day. Around 5 or 6 I would start feeling better and when I woke up I would feel fine until 10. It always tricked me into thinking I was feeling better. So on Monday I went to the doctor and got an antibiotic. By Thursday I wasn't feeling any better and I only had 1 pill left. So I knew I needed something else. I also had the same few teeth killing me. In my mind, I knew I had a sinus infection but somehow I kept freaking myself out that I needed to go to the dentist. Just to calm my craziness I made an appointment and the dentist was kind enough to look at me and tell me I am fine. I got on another antibiotic and after 3 days I was still having my same symptoms and pain. I cried to my Mom one day because it was so frustrating to be taking so many pills being pregnant and nothing working. I was in a ton of pain but more worried about the baby because of all the meds. That night my Dad came over and helped Bob give me a blessing. The next day I was feeling better, I was at about 50% and the next day I was at 90%. I was so happy to be feeling completely better just in time to go to Lake Powell with my family. I hope that I don't experience any more sinus infections anytime soon.

I am definitely looking pregnant and there is no hiding it at this point. We went to Seven Peaks as a family and everyone was going down the slides. I asked if they thought I could take Olivia down Flash Flood and everyone looked at me like, you can't hide that baby. I have been loving peaches and buy a box each week from Costco. I got sad thinking that I would have to throw my box away when there was the listeria outbreak, but luckily my box was safe. I also could have a turkey and cheese sandwich everyday for lunch. Yum! I don't really consider these cravings though, because I like to eat them normally.

At 27 weeks I went and had my glucose test done at the Utah Valley lab. I went early that morning so I could just wake up and go, and didn't have to sit around fasting for 2 hours. With Olivia I remember downing the drink and wondering why everyone complained. It didn't taste great, but it didn't bother me. This time around (it could've been since I hadn't eaten since the night before) my stomach wasn't too happy with my drink of choice and for a few minutes I had to just sit and hope I wouldn't throw up. At my appointment I was happy to hear that my blood levels were all great and I had passed!

Last go around I gained a lot of weight, and then took FOREVER to finally lose all of it. (Like I lost the last pound a few weeks before I got pregnant this time.) So I am trying to get myself into better eating habits before baby comes - in hopes that I will keep it up and losing the weight will be easier. Obviously I haven't been great this summer with traveling, holidays and 2 trips to Powell. But now the crazy is over I am trying my best to go without sugar, and mostly eating a clean diet. I am at about 80% clean, which I think is a great lifestyle. 100% clean is hard and I don't think I could manage right now.

And just for fun, here is a picture of me at Lake Powell that Andrea took. This was right at 28 weeks.

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