Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Broken Finger

This morning I was trying to be a good Mom. We hadn't done been to Thanksgiving Point for a few weeks and I had made plans to meet a few friends there that morning. We were planning on the Farm, but it was raining so I quickly changed our meeting place and got ready. Olivia was excited to go and down the stairs we went. I had her on my left hip and I slammed the door with my right hand. Somehow when I pulled Olivia and my hip out of the way, my finger didn't make it and it got smashed in our house door.

I instantly was telling Olivia "Oh this isn't good, we need to go back inside." Once we got upstairs I grabbed an ice pack and started to cry. My finger was smashed and the nail was turning a bluish/purple. I quickly canceled our play date and sat on the couch. Olivia watched cartoons as I sat there thinking about what I should do. Was it bad enough to go to the Dr.?  They don't really do anything for broken fingers do they? I debated back and forth for at least a half hour. The pressure was out of control and I decided to just go to the instacare.

Wednesdays are busy for my family and everyone works so I grabbed the iPad and off we went. Olivia was awesome and just watched her show while I got checked out. They drilled on my finger to relieve the pressure and then I got x-rays. Totally broken - which I was actually happy about. I was questioning going to the doctor and felt like that made it justifiable. Because it was broken near the nail bed I had to be on another 10 day round of antibiotics. He also prescribed me some pain killers which he said would be fine. But after consulting with my pharmacist - we didn't feel good about me taking them so I just stuck to Tylenol.

I always thought it would be fun to visit Bob at work, but when you are filling prescriptions it usually means you are sick, in pain, or dying. So those visits aren't always the best. Haha! Olivia and I left with my meds and went to get a donut.

It was really hard for Olivia to understand that she couldn't touch my finger, especially with my new cool finger cast. A couple hours after we got home she grabbed it during a diaper change and I screamed bloody murder. I felt so bad because she then started crying.

The doctor said it should hurt for about 5 weeks and I will lose my nail. Oh joy! On the bright side, I am glad I did this before the baby came, because it has been hard enough with just one kid.

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JenFielding said...

Ugh. I have lost several toe nails from soccer and the pressure alone is killer, and none of my toes were broken! I can't imagine. I'm glad you have a good pharmacist to talk to.