Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August Lake Powell Trip

We are seriously so lucky that my parents have a houseboat at Lake Powell, and that we are able to go every 6 weeks. Olivia has been to Powell 4 times since she was born, and 6 times if you count when I was pregnant with her. This last trip was the best trip for her, I only wish Bob could've made it to see how much progress she has made in the water. (Bob had to work and had a scout campout that same week.) 

This trip was "Dan's trip" and he brought 10 of his friends. They were fun to have, and it was nice having them because they helped with Olivia. We left Tuesday afternoon and got to Powell around 7:30. We kept the houseboat on the slip this trip - which I was grateful for. I'm a lover of constant air conditioning and pebbled ice when I am pregnant and chasing a toddler all day.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday all included lots of swimming, good food, boating, games, and naps. Olivia snuck in a few movies and I read a few books. We didn't make it out on the ski boat too many times, just because we had a large group and I obviously wasn't doing any skiing this trip. My brother in law Brent and his brother Tyler spent a lot of their time fishing. Olivia loved to see the fish they caught and was constantly asking for another fish.

My Mom and Dad work so hard before hand and at the lake to let us have a great trip. I am so grateful for them and all that they do! Here are some pictures of our trip that Andrea took. I didn't bring my camera this time. For some reason it won't let me rearrange them so they are in a random order.

One of Dan's friends brought a huge bag of candy from Costco. It was open and on the floor and Olivia was bringing treats out for everyone. She was nice enough to share with Jensen.  

Oliva, my Dad, and Jensen watching Olivia's favorite move Rio. 
Grandpa's first time watching Rio, and he was pretty into it. A few seconds after this picture was taken Jensen fell off the couch. 
Uncle Dan playing with Olivia and Jensen.
Trying to get out so she could go swimming.
I love her little feet kicking in the water.

My favorite picture from the week. This girl loves the water!!! 

Drying off after one of her many swims. 
Wishing someone would take her swimming!

Swimming to Grandpa Hales.

Swimming with Mom. 

Just getting ready for next year.

Playing with their bucket of toys. Olivia was sure excited to see the cow.

Swimming (what else???) with Jensen. 
Dan's friend Merick with Olivia. Last year and this year. Both of them grew a lot of hair in the last year.

Don't worry, I was there in my pregnant glory!

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