Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dear Miss Hales

January 16th 2009
Dear Miss Hales,
I was reading Helen Keller but now I am reading twenty and ten. It is intristing. What type of books do you like? What moud are you mostly in? To be honest I am all ways angry but i Have been practicing not to be little miss atitude like I am all the time well most of the time atleast. do you like being a teacher? did you like school when you were not a teacher? thank you for giving me a curcive lisence! are you crasy sometimes? I like your first name Alyse and I like your last name hales it is cool. Have you read all the books in our class libery? did you get what you wanted for christmas?
- K

(This girl is never moody or mean in class, that is why I think this letter is so funny. She is one of my best students and she loves writing. Every Friday the class writes me a letter telling me about the book they are reading. It is supposed to be 1/2 page long. She always writes longer than a half page, but it is usually questions for me about my personal life. haha.)

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