Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Years in Washington!

On Monday the 29th I flew to Pasco, Washington to spend the week with Bob and his family. The plane ride went by quickly- maybe too quick. I was a little nervous, as the cute old lady sitting next to me, told me to keep Breathing. (I later found out that this cute lady works in the temple with Bob's grandma.)

When I arrived, it was a relief to see Bob and my nervousness went away. (I was glad to know that Bob was nervous for me to come too!) I was blinded by the setting sun coming through the window as I met his brother David, sister in law Kelsey, brother Brad and his parents Lowell and Shannon. I was embarrassed that my suitcase was so big... luckily we didn't have to wait too long to pick it up. We went to dinner at Anthony's a fancy fish restaurant. Where I also met brother Levi, his wife Heather and Grandma Barber. --- I didn't take any pictures at dinner, but will post them when I get them.) We played games that night and then went to bed.

The next day- Tuesday we went bowling. Bob once said in a church talk that he was the best bowler. I think he said his best score was 225. We played four games and I beat Bob 3 out of 4 games. Each game I only beat him by 5 pins or so. The game he beat me, he beat me by 50 pins.

We spent the rest of the afternoon looking for a car for Bob's parents. It was fun to test drive a few different cars and to hang out with the family. We finished off the night by going to Levi and Heather's house for a New Years Eve party. Bob's Mom got a Ice Cream birthday cake for me.

Wednesday- We woke up had breakfast and watched What About Bob. We then decided to go bowling again. This time we played 3 games and I won all 3.... I also won $50 from Bob for beating his Dad. (All of the games his Dad was bowling 170ish. So Bob told me he would give me $50 if I beat him that game. It was my best game 154 and Lowell ended up bowling a 130.)
Bob and I ran to the store to get a skirt because we were going to chaperone the stake dance that night. After we picked up Chineese food and went home and ate it. I then met Staci and Nate and kids. We had planned on going to play games with friends and then go to the dance- But we were so tired we ended up not going out and just watched a movie on TV. It was so nice to relax. We watched Hairspray until midnight.

Thursday- Bob went and played basketball. I got wasted playing Shannon and Jackson in backgammon. Then we went to the taco truck and the Mexican bakery. We went to Grandma Barber's house and hung out for a while. We finished off the night playing games.We woke up to a bunch of fresh snow the next morning-- And then flew home that afternoon My parents picked us up and then we went to my house for yummy calzones. Thanks Mom!

I'm so glad that Bob asked me to come to to his house for the break. I absolutly loved his family and they were so good to me. It was the best part of my Christmas break!

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