Friday, January 30, 2009

Quick Update!!!

I am sorry it has been a while. I have been busy teaching the week away. I can't believe it is already Friday! Oh how happy I am!!!! I survived another week. Monday is PDD, so I have meetings all day but the students won't be here. And then we have parent teacher conferences Wednesday and Thursday night. Those will be my longest nights.

Joe Jonas is gone and the kids kept asking when he was coming back. I finally went to the store to buy a new one and of course they didn't have a look alike. I ended up getting a girl beta that doesn't even look like a Beta fish. (In my opinion) I ended up telling the kids that Joe had died, but I didn't tell them how-or that I was the culprit. haha. The kids weren't even that sad when I told them. They were really excited for the new fish. We voted on a name for our new little addition and Rose was the winner. Here she is for your viewing pleasure:Today was a bad day for the 3rd grade. Well I am sure that it was a bad day for everyone in Alpine School District. Because of the economy, our budget has been cut. We had just planned a field trip for the 3rd grade in March. But because of the budget cut, they took all of that money away from us. So no more field trip. The kids have been waiting all year to go, and are going to be disappointed that there won't be one. My first year of teaching and we don't even get a field trip. So sad. We will see if we can get someone to come visit us at the school, or have a pizza party or something to make up for the lack of fun.

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