Monday, January 12, 2009

Pro's and Con's of the Trailer!

As I got to school today after a wonderful 3 day weekend, I forgot about the problem of having a trailer classroom in the winter time. Here are some of the Pro's and Con's I have come up with for having a trailer as a classroom.

1. You can control your heat/ac
2. You don't have a hallway where kids are talking outside
3. You can open the door and get fresh air
4. You can easily transition your lesson/teaching to outside
5. You can staple things onto the wall
6. You can drive your car back to your classroom door and unload supplies
7. You can walk different ways to lunch depending on your mood, and the weather
8. I can blame my messiness/ unorganized classroom on the fact that I have no place for storage

1. You can control your heat/ac-- if you forget to turn the heat on, your classroom is the same temperature as the outside and your fish, Joe Jonas will freeze. (He will thaw though!)
2. You have no storage/organization
3. You have to leave for assemblies, lunch and classes 2 minutes earlier because you are so far away
4. You can't just peak in next door or across the hall to ask a question to your teammate
5. You will have to walk through a foot of snow to get to your classroom after a huge snowstorm
6. That snow will then turn into slush or ice
7. You will slip on that ice/slush mixture and your pants will be soaked and your arm will be scraped.
8. The slush freezes and there is a 4 inch layer of ice surrounding your door to your trailer
9. You will slip on the ice
10. You will slip on the ice

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