Thursday, January 22, 2009

What an eventful day, and it is only 7:10AM

Today I woke up and was carpooling with my friend Jen. I decided to bring Joe Jonas (our class fish) back to school. (I had taken him home for the long weekend and then couldn't bring him back when I was driving.) I had to drain some of the water out so it wouldn't slosh all over on the ride to school. As I was pouring the water into the sink, I was going slowly.... Joe decided it was time to escape. He escaped, but not to a better place. Poor Joe Jonas quickly slipped into the garbage disposal. After many failed attempts, of trying to scoop him out with spoons, I had to give up. There was no way to get him out. I even tried pooring water in their, but it would drain before I could float him to the top. So today I am empty handed, I killed my class pet. How did this happen? This was the longest I had ever had a fish. 2 and half months! So today after school I will be buying a Joe Jonas look alike, and will not be telling my students this story.
(I feel horrible and really do miss Joe Jonas, I will always know, that the fish in our bowl is not the real Joe Jonas!)

On the way to school, I got a bloody nose. Thankfully I wasn't driving. For some reason I get a bloody nose almost every month. Eh. Gross.

On a good note, Bob and I have been dating 2 months today. I know that sounds wimpy, but it seems like forever. Last night we decided to stay up late and go to the movies. Late for us equals going to the 9:30 movie and getting in bed at 11:00. We saw Madagascar 2 and it was so cute. I laughed the whole time. I am so lucky to have Bob in my life. He is my best friend and I love him so much!

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